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President Obama – Give US the Money

The U.S. is loaning 8 billion dollars to Ford, Nissan and Tesla to assist in the development of Electric Cars. Now I am in favor of electric vehicles but I am starting to wonder when we as taxpayers are going to get a return on all of these investments. I think the government should start creating incentives for us, the US citizens, to stimulate the economy and green movement while reaping the benefits of the unprecedented amount of tax dollars being spent to save the economy.

How would this work? Easy

The US gives us the money. each US household with a 10 year history of paying taxes is granted a credit for up to $25,000 towards the purchase of an electic or >50 MPG vehicle built in the U.S. The 25 Billion in tax money would purchase 1 million autos. Manufacturerers would have a guaranteed market and thousands of U.S. workers would have a job.

If you don’t want a car you could purchase an electric bike for 4k or get a years free rail or bus pass. the car proram would place a car in 1 out of 100 US households. we would need to spend 250 Billion to place a car in every home.

I am not pushing for hand outs per se but I would like to see a program that places the citizen before the corporation, we after all are the people paying the bills.


Written by Jim McNiel

June 30, 2009 at 6:59 pm

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