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Would Bush have Declared War on North Korea?

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World Wide Web Crippled!

Is this to be the next big headline? Were we just attacked by North Korea? U.S Government and South Korean Government websites and news sites received a serious Denial of Service (DOS) attack over the Fourth of July weekend. All evidence points to a serious effort on the part of North Korea to further demonstrate their technical prowess and outstanding ability to agitate the west. More than 20,000 computers were involved in the attack which points out that even though NK has limited access to current technology the have been successful in distributing viruses to attack NK enemies from all over the world.

What will happen when NK gets really good at this and instead of infecting mere 20k computers they infect 100m computers? We could see financial trading halted, travel sites shut down and governmental sites crippled. Our dependence on the web is far more significant than most people realize. I serious government sponsored attack could have major economic and perhaps even safety repercussions.

I am not an alarmist but as a long term techie I believe it is a crime that we have not done a better job as an industry to deliver more secure systems. When we know enemies are willing to walk into the house at night we certainly do our best to lock the doors and windows. It is no longer a question of whether or not foreign governments want to harm us; it is a question of when they will launch an effective attack. I think it is time that we as an industry agreed on an approach that will not provide Apple, Sun or Microsoft a new market  advantage but Americans the peace  of mind to open an email without sweating.

One last notion. President Bush need litle provocation to attack Iraq. If he were in office today, would the recent cyber attacks be considered or proclaimed as an acto of war? Something to consider before we place our next hawk in office. at the very least we should ensure he/she has a sound understanding of technology and how it can be secured.


Written by Jim McNiel

July 8, 2009 at 4:37 pm

Posted in Politics

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