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Death By Network – Are Stupid Connected Devices Placing Us At Risk?

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We all understand that lack of network security can result in economic loss. In the case of identity theft it can destroy your financial stability and take a serious bite out of your well being.  However, did you ever consider that poor network security might result in your death?

I was just reading about car hacking when I stumbled upon the below Motherboard video explaining how car hacking works.

Digg How to Hack a car:

I then thought, while it is certainly possible to do, how likely is it too happen? You would really need to upset some very well connected people to have them go to the trouble of digitally stomping on your accelerator at just the wrong time.

That’s when I found the Huff Post article on the untimely demise of journalist Michael Hastings.  It seems that his car was speeding out of control at 4:20 AM…

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Written by Jim McNiel

July 4, 2015 at 4:48 pm

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