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Chicago to Tax the Cloud –

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When I go into New York City to grab dinner and a show I am using New York services. I drive on the roads or use public transportation. City police and state-troopers protect me. I enjoy street lights, parks and entertainment venues. The businesses I visit also use NYC services and for this we all pay taxes. OK, I get it.

Now tell me, exactly what is Chicago doing to assist Netflix in delivering video? How much time has the Chicago city council spent designing AWS API’s? Zero, Zilch, Nada. This is basically a local government imposing a toll on services they have no involvement in and costs the city nothing. Are you ready to pay 9% extra for your cloud applications Chicagoans? Is this the result of Chicago bemoaning the loss of Blockbuster Video Sales Tax? How much tax should we pay to use Google or Twitter? If you were to setup a new call-center using cloud based CRM are you going to choose Chicago and pay an extra 9 percent?

WSJ sums it up well when they point out that Chicagoans may end up paying 18% on “Amusements”. I wonder if this will include watching Nova on PBS?

NetFlix – Get out of Chicago and let the citizens let Rahm Emanuel know how they feel about it!


Written by Jim McNiel

July 11, 2015 at 3:02 pm

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